Darin Dinsmore Bio

Darin DinsmoreNew Tools to Revitalize California Counties and Communities

CCPCA 85th Annual Conference

Oct 23, 2015

Darin Dinsmore is the founder of Crowdbrite and Buildbrite. He's been working with the California Forward infrastructure action team to help develop new finance tools for municipalities to help implement their projects.  Working collaboratively they have launched www.EIFdistrict.com as an online resource to connect communities to capital.  His team has also been working on unshelving city planning documents and helping to activate and implement them.  His projects have recently been featured in Fast Company magazine. Darin was the Director of town planning services for the Sierra Business Council.

Darin Dinsmore

The audience will learn about new tools and techniques for revitalizing California communities.  These include finance tools such as enhanced infrastructure finance districts and how these may prime the pump for reinvestment   New approaches and technologies for unshelving and activating plans will also be explored. Lastly new online tools to help implement plans and generate place-based economic development will be explored. We worked on more than 90 projects in the last four years using new civic engagement technology www.Crowdbrite.net New technologies are also connecting communities to new capital for community revitalization, infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships.  

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